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Revit used for a Small Project – A real-world use case…

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1-mask-rd_lt-sheet_-101-proposed-drawingsA good example of Revit used for a Small House Extension in Dublin that I was involved with previously. Some of my first-hand experienced benefits using Revit on this project…

Faster Process:
Traditional process of creating 2D drawings that aren’t connected reduces drawing efficiency. Model in 3D using Revit and all your drawings, schedules, quantities, 3D views are produced automatically and share identical information.

Accurate Drawings:
If one element updates then they all update, delete a window in elevation, it deletes in plan, section, 3D, schedule, quantity. Cut a section through your 3d model automatically using section line.

3D Cloud Rendering:
Autodesk cloud rendering that takes less than 10 minutes for a high quality render to return. Offering further & accurate communication of your design to clients and colleagues.

Constant 3D Views:
Want to see how a tricky junction or detail will appear on site, without figuring it out. Create a 3D View and watch it develop instantly as you add detail. An added benefit of constant 3D Views, you are constantly thinking in physical 3D elements.

By applying phases to model elements for example: existing & proposed, your demolition sections are automatically coloured

The list goes on…

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