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Architects – Manage Your Entire Projects With BIM360 – Design, Detail & Construction Stages

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This blog post breaks down the primary modules in the Next-Gen BIM360, relevant to how an Architect could utilise each feature.

Document Management

  • Folders – The backbone of BIM360 allows you to store, view & comment on files, text, 2d & 3d models & manage folder access permissions.
  • Reviews – Manage & submit documents for review to design consultants, client or your internal design team. Customise your approval stages from using a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6-step process.
  • Transmittals – Issue folders of documents, drawings, 3d models for Tender Packages.
  • Issues – Capture design issues and assign to relevant person or company for resolution.
  • Version Compare side by side of 2d & 3d drawings or models.
  • Auto-versioning of latest uploaded drawings, models and documents.

Design Collaboration

  • Sync Models directly from Revit to the Cloud
  • Combine with Consultants Models and view design changes automatically.

Model Coordination

  • Clash Models – e.g. if an enginers column runs through a door open.
  • Assign Clashes to a responsible consultant if required.

Project Management

  • RFI’s – Receive or issue RFI’s at any stage of a project.
  • Submittals – Approve specifications or product submittals from contractors.

Field Management

  • Checklists – Inspection, Safety & create custom checklists. Complete on-site using any mobile device.
  • Issues – Capture issues on site and assign to relevant team or people.


  • Dashboard results for all of the above.

These uses are not exhaustive as BIM360 allows multiple uses of each feature depending on the project stage.

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